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SRV2 Valve typical plumbing

Closed Loop Sectional Recirculation charged with Rhodamine dye showing the time it takes to clean out the system. In the time it takes to take off the end caps or open the flush valves, the SRV2 System can be cleaned out and ready to spray another chemistry.

SRV2 Valve

This animation shows the internal workings of the SRV2 valve. The small port on the top left (Red Fluid) is for chemical injection that will be coming in the future. Just imagine you will be able to inject on the go without the V shaped pattern.

Product remains in the system

Chemical never leaves the system unless its dealt with.

Sectional Recirculation Valve

    Drift Reduction Technology Corporation Introduces Boom Section Recirculation System Retrofittable to
    any Field Sprayer.
    Drift Reduction Technology Corporation, a newly formed company focusing exclusively on
    improving the safety and accuracy of how crop protection products are applied, is excited to
    introduce a unique spray boom section recirculation system, the SRV2 System.
    The SRV2 System offers numerous advantages well beyond current recirculating OEM boom
    options. The system is easily retrofittable to any new or used field sprayer and offers an
    incredible return on investment. The SRV2 System is available as a complete kit relative to the
    number of spray boom sections.
    The SRV2 valve installs at the inlet to each spray section. The section end caps, or flush valves
    are eliminated and replaced with tuned flow 180-degree sweeps. Polyethylene lined hose is
    included to return the flow from the section ends to the SRV2 valve. Opposite of current
    systems, the SRV2 maintains aggressive recirculation during application when it is most needed.
    We believe the two greatest advantages of the SRV2 System pertain to sprayer clean-out
    between products or fields, and lessening operator exposure and environmental impact.
    In the time it takes for an operator to get out and physically open all the flush valves on a
    -more-conventional system, or remove the end caps, the entire machine utilizing the SRV2 System can
    be thoroughly flushed and ready for the next application. The operator is never exposed to
    hazardous materials. There is no rinsate to contaminate the area or to recapture as it is
    immediately and responsibly applied to field. Sprayer clean-out time drops from an hour or more
    to a few minutes, even if using dicamba or other concentrated or volatile products.
    The precision design and production of this innovative product is possible using state-of-the art
    materials and additive technology from Primary Manufacturing Inc., a South Dakota company.
    Drift Reduction Technology Corporation Kurt Kamin: 715-201-9555/Bob Beggs: 715-201-2811 Website:

File coming soon.

Test we did to determine cleanout times

There is no need to expose yourself to flush valves



SRV2 Valve

This is the Sectional Recirculation Valve. It gets installed at the line feeding the section and aggressively recirculates the section only while you are spraying.


Return Sweep

These end sweeps are to replace your end caps or flush valves. This end sweep eliminates areas for chemicals to hang out during the cleaning process. 


Polyethylene return hoses for the SRV2 System

Test show that Polyethylene hose retains the least amount of chemical residuals. Rubber hoses are the worst!!! Along with our SRV2 system we also offer Polyethylene hose to replace all the hose on your sprayer.

This is the hose to use!!!


We offer this hose from 1/2 inch up to 3 inch.

With this System and replacing the rubber hose on your machine, you will be able to clean out your sprayer in a matter on minutes for chemical changeover


Results of study done by Mississippi state on hoses

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